Je ne sais quoi…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little latte…. Yes please!

This is a photo of my husband Joe, and. .. Who is that lady with my darling. … Oh me,  oh my, it’s Moi!..( That’s French for “me”)

Well sweet friend if truth be told (Pray tell) As much as I adore puttering around “Marcia’s Cottage” Sometimes traveling internationally brings a little something special to everyday life. (And I’m a gal who loves something a “little” special) ♡

Reality check. .. My life just doesn’t embrace that sort of travel (right now) but soon. Merci beaucoup!
However the good news is  (always look on the bright side of life) a little day trip can be very exciting, fun, and  often inspiring. Especially,  if it includes perusing FABULOUS vintage. .. and I won’t even need to bring my passport!
Ok so today I invited a really fun friend to join me. I think she’s a little excited too. We’ll,  rightly so because she’s in for a treat. Below is a preview of our day. ..

Sorry, you won’t really see this today.  I’m in a playful mood… However this is a darling restaurant in Montmartre. My husband and I had the best lunch here..Oui!Oui! Oui!

These are only a few of the vendors that will be at the Vintage Marketplace in Fallbrook.
If you can’t find your passport,  and want to “feel” like your in another time zone….I promise this will satisfy you.
Thank you for stopping by. Perhaps I’ll see you in Paris this weekend. I’ll be the one with the really fun friend. Have a lovely day my friend. Bonjour….♡

                                         Xoxo. …

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