WhO Ya GoNna CaLl? GrOoMeR, PlUmMeR, ExTeRmInAtOr…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Wednesday! Does it feel like a Tuesday…Or does it seem like it should be Friday already…
Sometimes those 3 day weekends spook trick the rest of your week.

People say that all you have to do is wash your car, and it will rain….or,  sometimes if you plan for a family picnic, it rains too.

Well, I didn’t have a family picnic recently, (shucks) and if you saw my car, you’d know that it hasn’t been washed lately either. Oh, and it’s not that it rained…I wish it would! But,  it is scary odd how things sometimes go  awry when you have made other plans.

Recently, I was out of town ….and  when I returned our pet sitter said that possibly our little mouse/mice were back. http://marciascottagebythesea.com/2014/08/the-tale-of-despereauxand-kitchen/ hmmmm.

I thought we got rid of them. Also, there had seemed to be a little concern over a plumbing problem.  hmmmmmm.…when did that happen? Does it have anything to do with those darling itsy bitsy mice? How did they know we were gone?

 And, of course yesterday was the scheduled appointment for Teah, and Earls pet groomer to come.

This was also going to be Cami’s first time getting groomed by a real groomer. And,  just by the look on her face…  She was a little spooked by the whole experience.  So, anyway….Joe said “not to worry, I’ll call the plumber,  and exterminator.” Me: “sounds perfect!” Joe: “You take care of the groomer. ” Needless to say it was a three ring circus around here yesterday. Groomer, Exterminator, Plumber.
We had furry kids getting groomed, while little mice were.…(oooh…Sorry, I just can’t say it… I still feel bad for them) and the water leak was fixed. I had no doubt everything would work out fine. after all I was in charge of the groomer.*wink*wink

                                                                     All in a days work.



“If you don’t start, you won’t arrive!” ~anonymous

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