PiLlOw TaLk…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

So happy it’s Sunday. Rest day. The past week has been lots of fun and a little work.

Had a beach day. Went to the Queen Mary for tea. Hosted a tea…I must admit it was a little exhausting watching helping my husband paint the whole deck yesterday too. He isn’t We aren’t quite finished…but close. 

          And, now that it’s Sunday morning…

I have a decorating confession to make. (grin)  I’m in love with pillows. They are everywhere here at the cottage.

I will often go through the pillow decor isle when shopping.

Looking, squeezing, fluffing….and sometime buying/smelling pillows. (just kidding about the smelling) Pillows are the accessories for a sofa.  Sometimes I over do  too. I’ve received a variety of responses to my pillow accessorizing.

Perhaps a look that suggests

“ummm….where am I suppose to sit?” or my husband, friends, and other company might throw the pillow gently move them before sitting down.

Of course I don’t mind at all. Of course...

Since comfort is always the number one priority in cottage living.

I think pillows add a little charm to any room. And, of course I think a little charm is very charming. Of course. 

Our sofa in the family room has a cottage vintage look, and was purchased many years ago. I still find it so cozy. So, for now I don’t have any desire to replace it. (sorry it won’t be one of my random giveaways….yet)

However, I have often changed up the pillows. That’s the fun part of decorating to me. Finding ways to change things without necessarily blowing your budget. This room has a country french cozy look. Nothing flashy. And, if there is a book on pillow rules, I probably break them all.

I go for lots of mix-matchy stuff. How about you…doesn’t all this pillow talk make you want to just grab a few and begin to play decor with them.     

                       Enjoy the “rest” of your weekend!
                                                  Xoxo. …                                                 Marcia

                                               *BEE KISSES*

                       *  warm 2 c. Honey…..& mix it with 7 sprigs of thyme….Spread on biscuits*

“Prone to revenge, the bees, are a wrathful race…”
~Samuel Bagster


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