My SuMmEr VaCaTiOn In ArGeNtInA…


This is a re-edited post from June 2014

Welcome to Marcia’s cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea…

H0w’s your week going? Today I’m planning on taking a few bags of items to a the Salvation Army donation center.  Then, if time permits I “might” go swimsuit shopping.  This is sort  of funny… But I think I accidently gave mine away….


For me the summer means frequenting the beach… and going on vacation. Currently any long distance travels are on hold…since it is difficult for me to leave our four furry kids. Yep, very hard…. especially little Cami.  ♡

However, there was a time when we had only the two kids. .. (Teah & Earl) and when the summer meant….

“get the passport ready!”


Two years after we were married Joe and I traveled to Argentina. The trip was a dream come true for us since Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America…and the summer before we had enjoyed our trip to Paris very much, we thought “well…why Not?”….(smile)

When we arrived at the Hotel Bristol we were greeted by our tour guide Hernan (pronounced Ernan) Hernan was so nice, friendly,  and lOVED

That first evening over dinner he shared with us what a treat we had in store touring his beloved country. ♡


In the Pan American Hotel, we had a birds eye view of Buenos Aires.  Hernan  pointed out government buildings,  and  Port Madera. Which was a new port with modern buildings, and rows,  and rows of wonderful restaurants.


We drove to Central Buenos Aires, and saw Casa Rosada. The Pink Presidential Palace


Another day of our tour, we spent time in La  Boca.   This is where the Tango got it’s start. That evening we  enjoyed dinner,  and watched a real live performance of the Tango, at its birthplace.



We loved the Palermo, a beautiful, upscale neighborhood area in Buenos Aires.


In Palermo, I found a custom tailor, who made me a leather jacket. 


 San Telmo is another beautiful area in Buenos Aires.


On a Sunday,  we went to their wonderful flea market. We walked around the marketplace, enjoying the many artisans selling their handmade items.


We also visited the Recoleta.  Here we saw a beautiful chapel, and mausoleums with extremely ornate graves.  This is where Eva Peron is buried.


Hernan said that the people in Argentina “love to cry” and that everytime he goes with his mother,  to his father’s grave—

They CrY and CrY, and CrY…..In Argentina,  crying is an enjoyable past time.


Personally, of all the places we visited, I especially enjoyed our day at a Gaucho Ranch.


We were welcomed with fresh empanadas. Delish! And then we went horse back riding


I’m way over to the left.

Me and Joe. ..

Thanks Hernan! You have a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Well, don’t cry for me dear friend, but I’m off to find myself a new swimsuit.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day.


Xoxo. ..



“Don’t you want a vacation, Mr. Gandhi?”
“I’m always on vacation”

Hello, from the Oregon coast…where I vacation everyday.🐳


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  1. Donna Kelly says:

    What a cute, cute story!!!! And a leather jacket to top it off!!!!

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