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Anastasia’s First Road Trip…(re-told by Joe)

I have lived with several zen masters, all of them cats.-Elkhart Tolle Well, hello friends this is Joe… Today I’m sharing Marcia’s & Anastasia’s first road trip. Anastasia came to us from a shelter In Roseburg, Oregon. Her only trip before that was coming home from the shelter when Marcia brought her back home, and she was just a frightened kitten in a very, very cute carrying case. In fact our vet told us that it was the cutest carrying case he’d ever seen! As she has grown…matured & become less frightened we decided it was time for Anastasia’s first road trip. We were planning a trip to Eugene…a regular place for us to go and so in anticipation of that we decided we would try various ways to accommodate Anastasia on her road trip. We knew that we could put her in the carrying case but we had suspicions … Continue reading

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