What is your Bliss?

Hello, welcome to Marcia’s cottage.  Shall we have a cup of tea? I am enjoying an organic Christmas Tea. It tastes heavenly.

I’ve been thinking about bliss lately and what brings bliss into my life. I recently read that bliss is the holding place for JOY,  peace,  and happiness in our lives… And that it is inside each of us. I know that when I follow what makes me really happy. .. I’m blissful!
I’ve learned that when I am connected to my home, for instance, through baking,  I’m in a state of bliss.  I lose track of time because I’m in such joy. ♡♡♡
I’ve been searching through my Christmas books for cookie recipes. -♡ 
I did find a few…

What is your Bliss, my friend? Is there something that you enjoy so much. .. that time just flies by?
For me it is my home-♡
Home is where I feel the most happiness, success, and bliss. 
I’m so glad you stopped by today.  I hope you have a blissful day. ♡
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