Please celebrate me home. …♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage.  It’s so nice  to see you. I hope you are really enjoying this wonderful time of year. For me it’s a special opportunity to celebrate home, family, and friendships. ♡

A  few years ago I took a painting class from a very talented artist. Her name is Cindy Ellis.

Cindy taught me how to paint roses.♡It was a wonderful day. The class was held in her home art studio. Of course we became friends, and a few days ago I attended her Christmas Open House. I would like to share her magical home. …Oh, and of course it’s a Cottage that ONLY speaks soul. ♡

This is in the back of Cindy’s magical Cottage. ..♡

Oh my…this is the front of our magical cottage. ..♡

This is me standing in front of her home. … My heart skipped a beat when I saw all the beautiful roses in her garden♡ I was mesmerized.

This is our garden. …♡(p.s……. at it’s best)

This is a room in Cindy’s Cottage. ..♡We have a similar room.  I refer to ours as the parlor.

Ok… You are probably getting the picture. .. Yes,  this is a room in my Cottage ♡ At the time I met Cindy,  I had no idea that we had such similar tastes in decorating. Home, family, and friendships… they are interconnected throughout our lives. I’m blessed with friends that share my love for home. Perhaps you are too. Friends who make you feel safe and loved. To me that is what home is all about.  A place to feel safe and loved. I’d like to share a few more special photos of her home. ..Special thanks to Cindy for giving me permission.♡

Isn’t this a special little touch…The little frame says “Happy Holidays”

“Faith”. .. Yes,  that’s so important isn’t it. ..♡

I so love this white sofa..I need to find out if they are slip covers..

Doesn’t that look so beautiful… ♡ very inspiring, …wow… Her home speaks soul, and reminds me that our homes are so symbolic of who we are… something to think about. ..possibly even celebrate. Home. ..there’s no place like it, or anywhere I’d rather be.♡

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope that your celebrating your home with Joy and love.


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