PiNk, SpArKlEs, AnD…..ChIlE ReLleNoS……

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

One of the quirky things about blogging, is that I talk to myself all the time. Well, of course I’m really talking to YOU! But that is what a blogger does. TALKS. I am like chatty Marcia. Anyway, the thing is….there is so much YOU are learning about me! (laughs) And, I hardly know a thing about YOU!  Oh, well…who said that being a blogger was going to be  fair (pouts) I am just a little curious though about YOU. Like what is YOUR favorite color, or perhaps even ……food? (grin)

Now, don’t get me wrong or anything. I’m so gratefully thankful for YOU. I love whenever YOU stop by for a visit. It’s just….well it’s just so me, me, me all the time.. over here.(grin)

                                       For instance YOU must know that I love the color pink…..

DaBbLe in sparkle….adore cottage living….have 4 of the worlds most darling furry kids…(sorry, I’m extremely biased) Have the most wonderful husband on the planet…who I probably drive crazy  just wants me to happy. Yippee, and a happy dance!

Oh! I just realized that YOU probably don’t know my favorite food….Of course, I LOVE food. I really do. However, I am very a little picky too.  See what I mean I am doing all the talking again.

Perhaps I should wait until YOU tell me first. I should just sit here, and eat a few more chips. After all that seems like good manners, don’t YOU think? Or how about if YOU give me a few hints. Such as, what country is YOUR food associated with? If YOU said the good old USA, I might think along the lines of hamburgers, fries, and a soda. That use to be my meal of choice years ago. Or perhaps, YOU would hint that YOU enjoy Asian food. I love Asian food! Perhaps, Italian? I love Italian food too! See what I mean, I love to eat! Oh, oh, I think YOU did it again. Now, YOU know even more about ME….Ha! Ha!

YOU are wearing me down….I just might HAVE to tell YOU. Well okay, my favorite type of food is Mexican. YOU won’t ever catch me saying no to a Chile Relleno burrito. And,  there’s no photo, because I’ve been eating  it, when YOU weren’t looking. (grin) Do YOU think that is an odd favorite food. It sort of is though isn’t it….hmmmmm….So anyway, what’s YOURS…..*wink*wink




When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a hundred reasons to smile.

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