On ThE RoAd AgAin…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Hey….I forgot to tell you a funny story from the weekend….However, you have GOT to keep it a secret from my wonderful husband. He thinks some stories are private.  Silly Joe (grin)
He has no idea that I’m writing this today…and he definitely hasn’t a clue about the photos I sneaked in…

Well, first of all…I think my husband and I really are on the same page…sort of kind of.

We’ve both been thinking about alternative transportation.

I must admit, mine however was a want…his was a need. (grin) Several months ago I was seeking out two wheels new wheels.

 I got the scooter bug badly. I think I’m sort of over it. Meanwhile his beloved mini cooper was getting up in miles.

And, since he has quite a commute, decided it best to start looking for another car.

FINALLY! Over the weekend he made his decision. And, he decided on a great mid-size hybrid Prius. Not surprising at all. Since my husband is a super, duper, concerned environmentalist. It’s actually a super cool/cute car. Of course, now I’m thinking that I might have to get one too. Of course. (grin) Anyway, when Joe wasn’t looking I would snap away photos of him…as he was deciding this, and deciding that…budgeting this, and budgeting that.

He takes this car negotiating stuff very serious. Very different than me.v.e.r.y. d.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.t.

 The last car I purchased was phoned in to the auto people. I just told them what I wanted…they found it….I went and picked it up. Easy Smeasy. Ha! Ha! Of course I wasn’t married yet when I purchased my last car. Hey, that means my car is now getting old! Which means that perhaps I need to take my wheeling dealing Joe back to that dealership…and start negotiating that little pink scooter for me!…*wink*wink



“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”~Henry Miller



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