Monday’s Musings. ..The Music RoOm…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

How was your weekend? I hope you had a beautiful one. My weekend included a little celebration for 11 years of marriage… And, we bought a Prius yesterday. So that was fun!

I’m loving my Monday’s, because I get to share Marcia’s Cottage, Monday Musings! So much fun! Oh, I hope you had a chance to see my video on FB today too! Sorry about the video being dark at times. I actually do the recording myself…it is a little tricky, to talk, walk, and record. Anyway, it’s all lots of fun, and I hope you enjoy it, and that you get inspired in some way… Since that’s what it’s all about. (smile)

For now Monday’s post will be about my sharing different rooms in our 1920 cottage with you.One of my readers sort of kind of requested this….and, so I’m trying to sort of kind of honor it….in my own quirky way. (grin)

And, briefly show you how I decorate, and somewhat organize each of these room.

So far…I have shared the entry/family room, and our kitchen

Today, we will take a little peek at the music room.

It was actually once a bedroom. And, since we didn’t need another bedroom….

 I sort of turned it into the music room, since I needed a place for our baby grand piano.

 It’s also a room that is mostly used for playing, and singing music.  Even though the room is relatively small…That doesn’t hinder it from providing a very warm, and welcoming place for friends/family.

The music room has a comfortable place to sit, and a chaise lounge to sort of stretch out. There is a sweet little window seat, with lots of pillows that can be easily moved, and seasonally switched around.

It’s a room where I enjoy relaxing in.

It’s a room that is easy for me to add special touches

for the changing seasons too.

These little touches can make a big difference, along with how the furniture is arranged.

 Since the piano is the focus of the room,

the furniture is arranged around it.

There are a few paintings from places my husband, and I have traveled.

A little writing desk, which also holds a few favorite poetry books.

One of my favorite quirky things about this room, is a darling little closet….

 where I store many of my seasonal decorations. I have acquired quite a lot over the years, So having a little closet to organize them in is great.

It also makes it very convenient for changing things around on a whim. What about you? Do you have a room that you have changed around to fit your own family and lifestyle? Well, if you don’t it’s never too late….

                                                                Wishing you a glorious week….



Marcia’s Cottage tips:

~You can never have too many pillows.(grin) for a quick change of mood, tie throw pillows up like a package in lengths of fabric, or tack tea towel to the front of several cushions.

~I keep seasonal photos in a drawer that’s in the music room closet, and recently began bringing them out in the proper season. Christmas photos at Christmas, vacation photos in the summer,  and so forth.

~I like to have something warm near the sofa, or chair: an afghan, or quilt, or a blanket. Often I just drape it over the arm of a chair.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to a mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Plato

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