My WeEk, StAtS, and DaRjEeLiNg…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

 Happy Friday! How was your week? I’m hoping you had a wonderful one.

                            My week was busy, busy, busy.

                   I had our upstairs windows cleaned.


 Finished painting our deck, and polishing floors to a sparkle.  All these things were done to prepare for an Open House. Oh, and I met my dear friend for dinner. She’s a friend from when I was in high school a few years ago. (Ha! Ha! to the few years ago) Anyway, we try and meet for dinner once a month. With all the work I had been doing around here, an evening out was a great getaway.

Oh, and I’ve also been practicing taking Cami around town in her travelling bag.

          She’s joining me next week for a trip up north.

                      And, of course she loves practicing.

So, with all this stuff going on. I forgot to announce the April random giveaway for Marcia’s Cottage! So, I’m excited to announce that the winner is (drum roll)….. congratulations Maria Camarena, and Mary Schumeyer for liking and sharing my page. I so appreciate it!

As a blogger I periodically check out my stats. I’ve recently noticed that my page views average 3,000 a month. That’s pretty good don’t ya think? (grin)

 I’ve also picked up on my “likes” for my FB page. If your a new “liker” thank you! However you might have stumbled upon Marcia’s Cottage….. Welcome! I hope your visit is always uplifting, because that’s my goal.

And, quite a few new views overall. Which made me decide to re-post a few of my top blog posts. Just in case you haven’t seen it. My highest viewed post is Inspiring Stories with close to 800 views. Today’s is about our cat Darjeeling, and how she came into our lives. I hope you enjoy it!

                               Post from June 6, 2014
                             “In The Year Of Our Cat”


 Do you ever have fun spontaneous days?  I hope so!

This photo is of our cat Darjeeling.  She is very spontaneous. Well, on second thought in the beginning perhaps she wasn’t. Here, have a seat, dear friend and I’ll share “her” story. (grin)

Looking back, I believe Darjeeling cased out our cottage. … and decided that this was going to be her home.  She arrived on our porch during the winter of 2007,

and kept jumping up on the kitchen window ledge.  I would be washing the evening dishes,  and poof! all of a sudden there would be this cat.  My husband and I did not encourage her at all,  however, like I mentioned earlier she was determined to live here.

Growing up, I never had a cat, so I grew up thinking that I didn’t really like them. (silly me)It’s funny how those early years effect us.

Well, anyway this beautiful black, and white cat finally convinced me that she belonged here.  I think it took two seconds to charm Joe her a month of  working hard at charming. Darjeeling became part of our family.

I have a few friends that own cats own,  and they said that’s what cats do. ….They charm

It took Darjeeling a second to melt our hearts, and about a month to work herself into our home,  which of course as you know. .. especially if you’re a cat lover too, that it is no longer “our” Home.  It’s hers.

By the following year,  Darjeeling had made it to being on our Christmas card photo. (usually reserved for a photo of our summer vacations.)

 I’m so glad that I out grew my childhood ideas regarding cats, because Darjeeling has brought our family so much JoY.

So, that’s the story of our beautiful Cottage cat,  Darjeeling. We named her after one of my favorite teas. (Of course)
♡Oh, if you love furry kids too,  you might check out my furry kids board on

                                                 Xoxo. …

Every day is a little life, and our whole life is but a day repeated. Therefore live every day as if it would be the last.~Joseph Hall

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