I’m so happy to see you, my friend. ..♡

Hello,  Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you my friend.

Believe it or not I’m still organizing my Christmas decorations. I guess I know deep down inside what the problem REALLY is. It’s not easy putting something away, when you have enjoyed it so much. I’ve straightened up the little parlor, and most of the music room.  So that means I still have 75% of Christmas lovelies to pack away. way too much stuff

For example I packed away the Cottage Christmas mouse. then later changed my mind and decided…

No way this little kiddo is definitely staying right here.  After all JOY is my mantra for the New Year. It sits next to a few of my cookbooks near my little stove. So daily I’m reminded to choose JOY, which reminds me that I was in Joyland the other evening when I reconnected with a dear friend from long ago.  She called me one evening and we spoke for over two Joy-filled hours! We both cherished our friendship way back in high school, before life and more then more life distanced us for over two decades.  Has this ever happened to you? Perhaps you too
had a special childhood friend that somehow through just living life, you’ve lost track of?

Since I’m in the midst of cleaning out closets,
I looked for my high school yearbook to see what my long ago special friend had signed. Can you keep a secret? I’m not one to be easily envious, however back then I certainly wondered how any one person could be so beautiful, (👼 as in Homecoming Queen beautified) poised, smart, and talented. Most of all she was SO kind to everyone! She was not selective in her friendliness to others either.  Oddly that’s what I remember being envious of. SHE was always a real blessing to others because of her kindness. 💗

We chatted and giggled for hours… It was as if we returned to that special magical age of our youth.  Many years and events have passed between us… births, deaths, babies, school,  careers. … etc.

and yet for me it was as if it were just yesterday. In my mind I was in my sweet 16 bedroom (yes it was pink) in the perfectly imperfect town of Brea, california. It seems very obvious to me that we are two fortunate ladies who now many years later able to experience so much happiness and joy  by re-opening the bond of that very special long ago friendship.👱


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