Happy working song. …♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡

One of the greatest  blessings of this new chapter of my life, is now that I’m not “working” I’m doing my own work.  I guess I should explain. Well when I was a teacher I was so busy. . that I actually  PAID someone to clean our little cottage every week.  The blessing of not working is that now I have discovered, I really LOVE the daily up keep of Home.  Yes dear friend you read this correctly.  I LOVE it!

I love to wear aprons; I wear them to add color and texture to my life. I have an apron collection rich with memories and meaning. ♡

For example my sister Cindy gave me this adorable apron to begin my new chapter in life. . Of not working. ♡ (giggle, giggle) I love it! She had it made especially for me. It says “Domestic Diva” That’s me! The little tea towel says Chamomile. .. for Cami my little furry girl. I was SO thrilled to receive this. ♡

When I put on my apron,  I’m ready for some serious action. I suppose my aprons are like my tools. It helps me enjoy my work. .. and be creative in the process.  Can I share a little secret with you my friend? I LOVE the “process” of work. Does that sound odd? This is how I see it… there’s a very simple relationship between the worker and the their tools, and I find it so satisfying to wear an adorable apron while I’m working. Only one requirement though.. The apron has GOT to be extremely cute. (BIG smile teeth showing)

I even have special aprons for baking cupcakes. . This is one of them. ..a friend gave this to me recently for a birthday gift.  I wear it ALL the time. Oh you are probably wondering WHY I wear it all the time, since I have a collection. . The answer is a snap my friend. .. it’s because I’m ALWAYS baking cupcakes. .♡(grin)

These are vanilla bean cupcakes,  with buttercream  frosting. Scandalizing yummy! Oh and I really like the apron I’m wearing. It’s from a catalog called Victorian. It came with a matching mitt too!

Sometimes I need to wear special aprons for special people on special occasions. .. And then this helps prepare extrodinaire desserts!

This is another darling apron that invigorates me to bake,  bake, bake, bake!…And then perhaps even do a little cleaning.♡

Oh I just adore this one. My sweet husband  bought me a trillion of these when we  were on our honeymoon in Italy. …xoxo. ..( not quite a trillion)

This apron is HUGE! I could get two or three other people in here to help me do my work today!

My ultimate favorite(for now) oh, I didn’t mean for you to have a peek at the valentine flag yet.♡
This one always inspires me to bake my vintage mini cupcakes.

Everyone always LOVES these. I must bake them again soon.♡

Well sweet friend I really must get to work, work, work. ..I have my favorite little apron on too! Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed your visit and I would love to hear from you.  I’m wondering if you have a favorite apron ..♡

 I hope you have a lovely day.

                                        Xoxo. …

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