Happy Summer!



“But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?”~Albert Camus



Happy Summer!





This past week Joe cleaned off the grill.



The summer is here!!!!



and I’m ready to have those backyard gatherings.











I love this time of year on the Oregon coast.



I painted these chairs white and purchased these blue striped pillows for summer



The weather is in the 60’s…



the mornings have a magical coastal mist





































The sun comes out…



when it’s good and ready…



Reminding me that this is the season for easy living…





I’ve recently discovered a delicious alternative for beef burgers with a plant based Beyond Meat burger. Surprisingly they grill fairly well. They aren’t for everyone…however they are definitely worth a try.



And of course they are super easy to pan fry. Preparation is similar to making a hamburger. I like to cook mine so it’s well done.















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3 Responses to Happy Summer!

  1. Pat Stansel says:

    Your garden looks so lush !!! How can you not have a lovely Summer ?

  2. Joe says:

    Wow, your cottage and garden look so wonderful and the burger made my mouth water!!
    Thank you for getting me excited about Summer!

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