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Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

This is a re~post from before I moved to the Oregon Coast from California. Actually, it’s from before the decision was made to move.  I had been on a cleaning, and editing out things in my home, and life. Trying to keep those things that brought beauty, joy, and simple living. Since then I have received many inquiries about how it all happened. So I thought I’d share this post again. I hope you enjoy it!


Re~post from March 2014

Happy Tuesday! I hope you don’t think this is a weird question…however, I’m wondering if you ever have coincidences happen in your life? One’s that perhaps say ” Hello. … pay attention!!!!” Well, not to sound too presumptuous. ..I bet am hoping you have.(smile)

Okay, so without going into too many personal specifics,  (grin) I recently had one myself. And before, I go any further, I first have to confess,  that I’m totally aware that I sort of have the personality, that borders on hyper-obsessive everything. In other words,  if I read of a disorder….then guess what… I usually think I have it!.(giggle, giggle)

However, this part is true…I was a ShOpAholic for many years.  The very strange thing is …I didn’t know it.  To be honest,  I was quite blasé about it. The above photo is my “almost” last shoe closet to clean out. I realize it doesn’t look that bad. However,  I’ve already,  purged, edited, cleaned out, thrown out, consigned, and given away  most of it. The real truth is I’ve disposed of mucho, mucho, stuff. sigh….♡

The above photos are of my current wardrobe. I’ve downsized alot , and  it feels so good. let me repeat  “It feels so good!” I have less… but  I feel so much better about myself,  and everything! It is so freeing…. let me repeat that again…”it is so freeing!” Now for the real  confession. What I’ve been discovering about myself, is the better I feel about who I am as “Marcia” the less I need to buy stuff.  Let me clarify… its not that I don’t purchase things. (silly, silly) I am just more conscious when I do. I suppose it is similar to any changes we want to make in our lives.   I still enjoy “looking” or “window” shopping.  I just don’t “need” it anymore, to feel good about myself. Omg… Does any of this make sense? Please tell me you know what I’m talking about.  P~l~e~a~s~e….
because… I’m feeling sooooo vulnerable right now.(pouty face)

Oh. ..I almost forgot to tell you what the coincidence was. The other day, I was in an art store,  looking for some paint to re-purpose a door. (Above photo) Anyway,  I ran into a long ago friend.  One,  that I hadn’t seen for years,  and years.  And,  somehow. …( this is the strange, coincidental part)…I reflected on how I use to “shop” to “escape”….♡ Yep,  this long ago friend reminded me of my long ago shopping habits. Oh, and when I say long ago. ..I mean around 30 years ago.  The friend was a former parent of a student of mine.  It was over the top delightful to run into her. We ended up chatting in a parking lot for over a hour. I was thrilled to hear  about how successful my former student became.
Anyway,  it was bittersweet too. .. because I was forced to remember that time of my life.  Good, bad, happy, sad. Shopping, shopping, and more shopping.  This little road of awareness, has been a long, and winding one. But we’ll worth the journey. So glad that it’s behind me, and that I no longer feel the need to “prove” anything, to anyone. AMEN.

There’s not much more to say when you realize you’ve gone to the next level in your life. … I call it “acceptance” of who I am.  And,  can I share a little secret my friend. … It feels wonderful! Of course, I’m wondering about you….and hoping you have experienced this too. I must confess, it bring lots of JoY. ♡



I’ve always felt proud of my age. I think people should be proud that they’ve been around long enough to have learned something.- Frances Moore Lappe

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