…..And a Happy New Year!…♡

Hello,  Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you. I hope that you have time for a cup of tea.♡Things have been little celebratory around here for a while,  and I sure have missed our tea time♡.

Isn’t this an adorable little tea plague…I saw it at a Open House  I attended.♡

Hopefully you have been able to spend lots of time with your family. . I certainly have and I have been as JOYFUL as a bird.♡

I just HAD to share my favorite little mug that my dear friend gave me. It says “Oh Joy”…Did I tell you that JOY is my mantra for the New Year?
Oh and I was just wondering  if you’ve already put your Christmas away. . Many of my friends have.  However I prefer to wait until January 6th. I use this time for reflecting on the year that we are ending…

And to contemplate entering  New Year.  It’s
a very Holy and special time for me. Recently when I reflected on this past year. ..I was amazed at how many celebrations I hosted.  I would love to share them with you my friend. ♡
Shall we sit down and enjoy them together…♡

Ok.. I’m not completely positive. .but I think the first party was in January. .a teeny, tiny, cupcake party♡we drank tea, and made, decorated and of course ATE cupcakes.


In February I hosted a BIGGER cupcake decorating party. .About 20 ladies attended. I had baked over 90 cupcakes. .. What fun!

This was one of the decorating stations. … yummy, yummy,  yummy!

Hands to work. …

                                   Hearts to God…♡

The ladies really got into the work of having fun!

Ok… Let’s take a little picture…♡

I’m in a bible study. . So I wanted to host a tea for the very special ladies. …♡

            My favorite little scripture♡♡♡♡

I had And then there was the BIG celebratory Tea party for my dear friend. I had less of fun planning this one. ♡I planned and prepared for weeks. I even painted a special sign!

Do you have friends that mean the world to you?

I’m so grateful for my wonderful loving friends.

Ummm. .a little bragging here,  but this was an amazing Victorian cake I baked.

I have always admired the relationship between Lillian and her sister Ginny.♡

What dreams for 2014 do you have my friend?

                           Sweet friends….♡

            A little Christmas in July Tea. …♡

I had a special banner made that said Christmas in July. … Sweet!

A tea for my sister and her friends. .♡

A garden tea birthday party. ..♡

   OMG…. This photo is so amazingly cute!

And most recently a little Cottage Bunco tea..♡

These are wonderful memories I hold near and dear to my heart. As another year is over and I see how quickly it has gone by, I can’t help and feel so very blessed to have shared in the joy of others celebrations. . I’m excited to begin another wonderful year. I am already dreaming of all it’s wonderful possibles.  I wish the same for you my friend.  Blessings on your journey in 2014.♡


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