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The Unexpected Tourist

“The unexpected moment is always sweetest”~unknown  Hi!  How are you doing?  I hope you had a great week, and that perhaps you’ve planned something interesting, fun, or adventurous for the weekend. maybe something unexpected I recently returned from a get- away. If you are new to my blog welcome!  And if you haven’t visited here for a while there are a few updates. Trip to California , A Women’s Retreat My last stop on this little getaway was a planned day in Portland. 24 hours to explore the hip Portlandia from sunrise till the wee hours of night. I couldn’t think of any better way to end my trip. So after doing some research I came up with a plan. The plan would include taking the MAX to get around. Everyone I met raved about how easy it was to ride. *Note to self: be prepared for the unexpected I had planned on beginning the day with an early walk … Continue reading

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Letters From Abroad Part 2

  Hi! Just in case you missed last weeks post in SoCal Part 1 this will help you get caught up on my recent travels. I decided to begin today’s post with a question. since I don’t know where else to begin What direction do you want to go this year? Have you given this any thought? Just recently I attended a Women’s Retreat read more finishing up a visit to SoCal and so naturally I’m in a contemplative state of mind. It’s a good thing though. Very good. There are several reasons why I return to this retreat house each year. The most obvious one is I return so that I can turn away from the world for a weekend. I find that going to a place where there’s no nightly news, or all the other outside  influences I begin to hear & experience a deeper sense of life within. I am able to take a deeper … Continue reading

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