A Witches Tea & My California Girlfriends🎃


“True friends are never apart…maybe in distance…but never in heart”


Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage by the Sea. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

I wasn’t planning on dropping by today.🎃

I shared in last weeks post Click here


🍁🍂That I’m currently flying around on a little Fall Holiday.🍁🍂



However…(I do l.o.v.e my California girlfriends)

and soooooo…


When I received a note from a former colleague & long time dear friend from California (see note below) I just had to put my broomstick down & share it with all of you.🎃



From: California Girfriend😉
Date: October 27, 2017 at 6:01:12 PM PDT
To: Marcia
Subject: Witchy Tea

Hi Marcia. Oh boy, were you missed. You are so loved.


(Guess who) knocked herself out on this most lovely Halloween Witchy Tea.
She requested we all wear witch hats and what a display!!



We had pumpkin chips and pumpkin cream cheese dip with bubbly in the living room to begin.



 presenting her gifts to us…I sent you a photo of the top of the piano.



In clear bulbs she put candy and a spider, plus a wrapped surprise and a jalapeño and pomegranate jam.



Proceeding to the dining room to find our places we found our place settings











and all the lovely Halloween displays nearby.




Scones with whipped cream and 2 jams, pomegranate and raspberry jams




Beautiful homemade quiche, delicate salad and huge strawberries dipped in chocolate
Iced pumpkin cake, lemon squares, brownie squares



All served with the most delicious specialty teas and sparkling drinks.



We experienced a real deepening of affection and concern for each other in this group this time.
Lots of laughing and funny stories.



We were  entertained with long ago teaching stories.🎃
Caught up on family members. ☕️Everyone is so busy…how did we ever have time to teach school???


“Dear California Girlfriend(s),”

Thank you for sharing your Witchy Tea with me. Just remember no matter where we go our friendship flies with us.”

Hugs & Kisses,




Happy Halloween!



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4 Responses to A Witches Tea & My California Girlfriends🎃

  1. Jane says:

    Happy Halloween sweetest friend….

    What a lovely Halloween Witchy Tea you attended…. Oh, too fun and such attention to detail! Loved everything about it…. From all the yummies and their presentation to the prizes you were so fortunate to receive to all the costumes all of you wore, you all looked fabulous…. The decorations were amazing… what a perfect and beautiful setting to enjoy such an event!! What fun to be able to share in this with you, I almost felt as if I were there too… Thank you so much for posting this!!! Hope you have a lovely scary treat filled Halloween day as you continue with your adventures… I am having such a fun time following you and Cami as you share it with us…. We are going out to dinner tonight with my dear friend… We are celebrating my birthday early since I will be gone for it… Here in Emerald Bay the children go down to the park and have a Halloween event so I don’t get many trick or treaters… so I don’t feel bad that I am not home to give out candy… I leave next Tuesday afternoon so I have one more week… I am running around like a crazy woman…. so behind…. XOXO Jane

  2. Marcia Ren says:

    Hi Jane!
    I bet you are getting so excited my sweet friend!!! I’m excited for you I felt like I attended this tea too. ( This was a group of friends who I taught with years ago. They have these gatherings every few months. The one I hosted before moving to the oregon coast was The Mad Hatters Tea Party. It was great fun. I hope you had a great birthday dinner with your friend. Sounds like you have a wonderful month ahead of you. I’ll be returning as you are preparing to leave. I bet you are a great packer. Sometimes I am…this trip not so great. I definitely packed more than I needed. ( what was I thinking?) bahaha! I hope you are feeling all well again! Take care my sweet friend.XO

  3. Jenny Bonynge says:

    What a delightful sharing of a most incredible Halloween Tea Party! Classy all the way… Today our rains start here in the valley but I am in my sewing studio happily sewing on a new project. Must keep the creative brain cells stimulated! Do tell about your holiday get-away… ;0)

  4. Marcia Ren says:

    Hi Jenny!
    It’s wonderful to hear from you. I’ve missed you. I’m grateful that my California friend’s send photos of their tea parties. It makes me feel like I’m there enjoying it too. I enjoyed this one since I was away for Halloween and didn’t put up decorations.
    How nice to have a sewing studio. Sometimes I think about purchasing a sewing machine… I could create a space in the loft. I could also create a space in the folly. Perhaps one day. What are you making? Do you have a quilting machine too? The rainy days ahead are the perfect backdrop for marathon sewing projects. Have fun my friend.

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