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Falling Into The End Of Summer

“August is like the Sunday of summer”   August 25, 2019 Hello, sweet friend… My dear friend Geri…as we enjoy a visit to the Blackberry Festival in Coos Bay, Oregon 🌻   The following Post has been re-edited from August 2017   This past month as I took a walk outside, and the dry leaves rustled pleasantly beneath my feet… I paused and reflected how quickly the time has gone. Has it really been t.h.r.e.e. summers  living here on the Oregon coast? (a look of surprise) yes, dear readers it has🏡First summer With that said and having lived through many warm summers in California summer coastal weather at times still feels quite unfamiliar. foreign There are times that I have actually forgotten that it was even summer. However one of the sure signs that summer has occurred and is coming into an ending…  is the weeping willow tree in our backyard. the name is apropos Her leaves … Continue reading

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