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An Apron, A Hutch, and A Tea Set

  “Home is the nicest word there is” ~Laura Ingalls Wilder   ☃️Hello! Hello! Hello!⛄️     This is my new apron recently given to me by a friend who lives in SoCal and…     below is a beautiful vintage tea set               which was also recently given to me by another friend. (who lives on the Oregon coast) and… below….    is a vintage china hutch with the new tea set that was (yep recently) 😉 given to me by yet another friend. who btw also lives here on the Oregon coast.         Ironically these three friends do not know each other. yet      I bet you are thinking how lucky I am. I agree (or just fabulous serendipity!)💕 Without a doubt January has brought with it a sweet reminder of the importance to practice gratitude daily in my life.     This past week … Continue reading

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