An Art Exhibit and “Marcia’s Second Pink Home”

“Home is where the heart is”

Pliny the Elder

Hello, sweet friend…

How are you? I hope you had a great week.

What I wear to manifest Spring
Barn and Calves

Earlier this week I attended an Art Exhibit Opening at Southern Coos Hospital located in Bandon, Oregon on the Oregon coast.

I’m always amazed with the local talent

The theme of the exhibit was called “Home”

All the artwork displayed some form of home life.

Home Delivery

I was so excited to attend this exhibit…

since I find an enormous comfort in the home

The artists work displayed different kinds of structures representing home…

Feral Cat Home

Home Alone

There were barns…nests…farm houses…small cafés…

The Old Home

Waiting For Breakfast

Barbara’s View
A quilted home

As I strolled through the exhibit sipping punch and munching on small delectable cookies

I was pleasantly surprised to see…

that one of the artists had painted

our home…

“Oh my it’s our home!”

There it hung so beautifully on the wall… it was entitled “Marcia’s Second Pink Home”

I excitedly called Joe to let him know!

(of course) To be continued…


An Easy Brunch

veggie sausage, cheese, small red potatoes & egg

It’s nice to have a go to recipe for brunch. Nothing fancy. Here is the recipe I like to prepare during the week & sometimes on the weekend.

The number of eggs needed will depend on how many people you will be serving. For this particular meal I used eight eggs, 2 cups of shredded dairy free cheese, 4 veggie sausages, and 6 small potatoes sliced and cooked.

Once the prep work is done blend ingredients together and cook in a pan until the mixture is solid. Spray a small casserole dish and place egg mixture inside. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. (I sprinkled extra cheese on top)🥰

Semi-homemade scones

I often experiment when baking…

Recently I purchased a box of scone mix and tweaked it just a little.

In place of the water I added 1 can of mandarin oranges (with the syrup)

mixed it up…

then followed the remaining directions as given.

I wasn’t sure about how it would taste…

however my taste tester Joe gave it a 10.😉

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Journaling – 2020

“Your direction is more important than your speed”


Heading out to shop for a journal…

Hello, sweet friend…

It is the start of the first full week of 2020…

12 wonderful months ahead…

and several years since I have chosen a word for the year...

However the time has come…

I also admit that entering the roaring 20’s has inspired me…

Utilizing one of my new journal’s to work on this week’s post

after a bit of pondering

I chose the word “cultivate”

This word seems very apropos for me at this time in my life… Since there are many things that I would like to give more care & attention to. So recently I purchased a 5 year journal to assist & track my growth…those dream seedlings…nurturing them…taking that first step… then the second… and third. Reminding myself daily that even the smallest baby steps can lead to the biggest of dreams starting.


Healthy Easy Veggie Bowl

Veggie Bowl

If Joe and I are going out for lunch we often end up at a wonderful little vegan restaurant called the Tin Thistle café located in North Bend, Oregon. This recipe was inspired by several of their village bowls that they serve at the cafe. The recipe doesn’t really need any measurements…since you can make as much or as little as you want there’s really no wrong way to make this bowl… Here’s my version.

Fresh ingredients ready to slice and dice


1 head lettuce ( your choice) cut into small pieces

2 cups brown rice cooked

1 avocado sliced or diced

2 tomatoes diced

Preparing Harvest rice

1 can black beans

1 can black pitted olives sliced

cheddar cheese (optional)


1. Layer all the ingredients in a bowl.

2. Eat slowly

3. Enjoy!

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Hello, January


No matter what is being cultivated, the word implies a level of care that is reminiscent of gardening...

Hello, sweet friend…

Welcome, January!

With only a few days into 2020…I have surprised myself by somehow managing to pack Christmas 2019 away.

Storage boxes are filled and ready to take down to the basement. (btw…love having a basement!)

I am enjoying learning about more efficient ways to organize everything.

Cards have been looked at several times…and until next year I will hold them close to my heart.

The most lovely thing happened this week… a surprise gift from my high school friend arrived in the first gift of the year!

It was a beautiful JP France hand-painted teapot, creamer & sugar dish.

This beautiful surprise was so apropos…since I have been pondering thoughts about the New Year. Thoughts on how to cultivate a deeper richer meaning into my everyday life…

experiencing more fully the beauty around me in friendships… home…nature…environment… and turning ordinary to an extraordinary every day life.

This gift…a reminder of the many beautiful surprises awaiting us in the year ahead…and delighting in those things that have never been.

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At A Glance…

Each new day is God’s way of saying one more time: hold dear each changing season.

December 28, 2019

Hello, sweet friend…

As 2019 comes to a close I’m reflecting on all the changes that have occurred in this past decade. There have been many blessings along the way…family…friends…(furry children)…

December 2010…Darjeeling wearing a pink cast after breaking her leg
January 2011…Canyon Crest Town Center…Riverside, Ca.

Reflection can be beneficial… particularly as we close out the past 10 years and prepare to begin a fresh new decade.

June 2011…A mantra I used for my first year in retirement
June 2011…last week of teaching elementary school 30 years

In some ways I’m the happiest I’ve ever been…

July 2011…enjoying our California home

The years have led me to where I needed to go…

August 2012…my first garden California

led me through dark seasons…

September 2012playing with my kids California

as I look down the road and enter a new year… a new decade I see the possibility ahead. The end of 2019 asks for me to pause and cast a vision…

September 2013… a weekly hike Mt. Rubidoux Riverside, Ca.

Furry pets passed away…

December 2013…Celebrating a milestone birthday

August 2014…California home garden party

July 2015…Made the move to the Oregon coast

family members became ill.. we moved states…sold 2 homes…bought another home…retired. Some friends faded away…while others have become closer along with new friendships being formed.

August 2016..Oregon coast beach cottage

I’ve learned… grown…hopefully improved and of course in some ways most likely declined. Yes, this decade has shaped me into who I am right now.

December 2017 New Year’s Eve

Viewing this entire decade in totality is awe-inspiring and certainly worthy of practicing gratitude for the blessings along the way.

October 2018…The Ritz Hotel Paris France celebrating 15 years of marriage

As I look ahead to the 2020’s, I ask myself; what do I want to be? what do I want to leave behind? or…what do I really want out of this life?

September 2019 MacKenzie…move in day to our new home

I choose not to worry about how to get there just yet… because I have learned that those paths will unfold in small steps…not in miles.

Sweet peas…2019

If anything this past decade is a welcome reminder to always have hope…that any problem I’m currently facing will be overcome; and anything I’m hoping for can be achieved.

Wishing you blessings for a prosperous New Year…

Happy 2020!

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Glad Tidings🎄

As the year comes to a close, draw near to those you love and treasure the times you share

Hello, my sweet friends…

Getting ready to see The Nutcracker…

Christmas Eve…

It’s Christmas Eve as I begin to write this post.

The Excelsior restaurant

Looking back on the week I am beyond grateful for all the blessings and moments I’ve experienced…

Fabulous orchestra seats…

A few days in Eugene…which included watching the performance of The Nutcracker…Christmas shopping…

My handsome wonderful husband Joe…

a lovely dinner with Joe…

Playing the piano at my sweet church on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

A Christmas Day brunch…

An invitation for Christmas brunch

and experiencing the excitement of hosting…

our first Holiday Open House in our new home.

Snapping a quick what I wear

One of the most important things for me during the holiday season…

Is the unwavering certainty that there will be gatherings to help celebrate…

the blessing of the season…filling our home with love and joy.

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