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Come Cook With Me…

and so, she decided to start living the life she imagined… Hello, sweet friend… Many years ago while I was still teaching… A parent in my class invited me over to her house for lunch. Her name was Molly… that afternoon she taught me how to make Pad Thai. Years later I still think of her whenever I prepare this wonderful dish. Here is a super easy and approachable way to make it (that is if you don’t take a million photos like I did😉) Just in case you don’t know what Pad Thai is… it’s a stirfry dish made with rice noodles shrimp, chicken or tofu, peanuts a scrambled egg and bean sprouts. The ingredients are sautéed together in a wok or pan & tossed in a delicious Thai sauce. Ingredients 8 ounces flat rice noodles 3 tablespoons oil three cloves garlic, minced 8 ounces uncooked shrimp, chicken, or … Continue reading

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