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San Marino, California

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different. – C.S.Lewis Hello, sweet friend… I’m happy to be back home. It has been a difficult week with the loss of our fur baby Cami. Joe and I miss her very much. That being said my time in California was wonderful, and the days shared with my niece… sister… & friends were special. Another highlight was the retreat I attended. This was my 15th year in attendance. The retreat facility borders the neighborhood of San Marino. I recently heard San Marino is an area… that feels like it doesn’t change…and… that people who don’t do well with change… really love living here. Of course… we know that is a bit silly… and that most likely… the real reason is… San Marino is a charming town… and because living life fully… is living a … Continue reading

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A Farewell To Our Little Star…Cami

God is spelled Dog backwards Hello, sweet friends…Our beloved Cami passed away on Friday. I was in California when I received a call from Joe painfully telling me about her recent seizures and how they suddenly spiraled out of control. A FaceTime call inside the vet’s office would allow me to see her and express my love and gratitude for her. Joe said her tail wagged just a bit when she heard my voice. I believe she felt love across the miles…holding her this last moment in time. Cami was a dog but she was much more than a dog. She was a minister who expressed unconditional love…always offering comfort & joy to us with her tail wagging friendship. Our lives have been enriched these past years because of her. Cami’s life was a gift…one we won’t ever forget…rather we will hold her close to our hearts being forever grateful … Continue reading

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While Visiting California…

“When I’m alone I’m actually hanging out with my soul” The Minds Journal Hello, sweet friend… I have been vacationing in California… Sooooooo… I thought this would be a perfect time to re-edit a previous post from 2014 and share a Valentine’s Tea Party I hosted in my California home.❤️ A re-post from February 2014 Everybody Needs Love By Marcia Ren Oh!Oh!Oh! Sometimes I wish I had a HUGE Cottage, so I could invite a zillion friends to my teeny tiny tea parties. Because I think everybody likes to feel loved, and special. ESPECIALLY on Valentine’s Day. I know I do… That’s why I LOVE to host them! (Big smile)    I invited a couple of friends & then asked each of them to invite a friend that they didn’t see too often. Before I knew it… The teeny tiny tea party slowly started to GROW… much like our friendships … Continue reading

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Heading Into February…

“Live life in full bloom & let your dreams blossom” -Marcia Hello, sweet friend… I hope you are having a wonderful week… Surrendering to the brrrrrr of this season… I have taken time to put my nose to inhaling the scents of wood smoke and the frost of the cold air… I’ve walked by those bare trees… listening to the sounds of silence after a winter storm… a storm that came in the wee hours…awakening my small town with it’s blustery wind, thunder and lightning. I appreciate the treasures of this season and it’s tidbits of beauty… realizing that even though everything looks brownish… it’s a growing season… and has a role of importance in the garden… That being said… I’m ready to embrace a new season… begin nibbling on those fresh berries from the garden and to open my heart & arms to grow… Happy February💕

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Come Cook With Me…

and so, she decided to start living the life she imagined… Hello, sweet friend… Many years ago while I was still teaching… A parent in my class invited me over to her house for lunch. Her name was Molly… that afternoon she taught me how to make Pad Thai. Years later I still think of her whenever I prepare this wonderful dish. Here is a super easy and approachable way to make it (that is if you don’t take a million photos like I did😉) Just in case you don’t know what Pad Thai is… it’s a stirfry dish made with rice noodles shrimp, chicken or tofu, peanuts a scrambled egg and bean sprouts. The ingredients are sautéed together in a wok or pan & tossed in a delicious Thai sauce. Ingredients 8 ounces flat rice noodles 3 tablespoons oil three cloves garlic, minced 8 ounces uncooked shrimp, chicken, or … Continue reading

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