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Hello…. I hope you had a nice week. I have so many things I wanted to share with you about my week. The gorgeous weather, shopping excursions, progress in the cottage. Just a little of this and that about my experiences living this new journey on the Oregon coast. And, since experiencing loss is oftentimes part of any journey, I decided to write about Earl a beloved furry child who recently passed away. His path crossed mine for a wonderful 17 plus years, so there are many stories to share about this little guy. Stories I will continue to hold close and dear. However, I can tell you he was charming, curious, a good sport, handsome, obedient, loving, proud, hospitable, a bit laid back, funny, friendly, and a real tail wagger. He wasn’t particularly crazy about getting groomed, picky about eating, perhaps even a bit stubborn at times… and the most awesome friend anyone … Continue reading

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It’s June Again

    Yikes! It’s swimsuit season again. What happened? I meant to be thinner by this time! Whoops….I forgot. I must be getting older. My memory keeps playing games with me. I think I meant to spend March, April, and May working out at a gym. Wait a second… I don’t belong to a gym. Or had I wanted to eat more alfalfa, and raw carrots? Hmmmm….but I don’t eat that stuff either. Thankfully! Living on the coast has somehow helped me forget that ice cream, pizza, and chili rellenos are not weight-reducing items. I love coastal living!  forgot that sitting down all winter and spring tends to put on the pounds, and that in order to slim down, one needs to get baking oops, meant moving. In a way I’m glad I forgot. It’s not that bad, really. And, seriously how much does all this really matter? Sometimes I just have … Continue reading

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