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Saving Mr. Banks. ..♡

Hello,  welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. How was your weekend? I hope you had a pleasant one. Of course mine was practically perfect in every way. ♡ Shall we have a spot of tea. .. I am so happy because my husband Joe is on vacation for two weeks. We have been having all kinds of fun.  Over the weekend we had date night, with dinner and a movie. We decided to see Saving Mr. Banks. Have you had a chance to see this wonderful movie? It’s not an easy thing to explain why I thought it was so wonderful. .. except that it is magical. I remember when Mary Poppins first came out.  I was in junior high,  and my parents had purchased a home in Brea.  There were several girls in the neighborhood around my age,  and we would get together and play the piano music for Mary Poppins. … Continue reading

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Santa Bunco Baby. ..♡

Hello,  Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you my friend. Have you attended a few holiday parties lately? Well I enjoy hosting them,  so I’ve hosted several this last week.  I most recently invited my Bunco group over…♡ We get together once a month and talk, eat, laugh,  and play Bunco. It’s been a lot of fun. I decided to host a Cottage Christmas Bunco tea. This was the invitation I sent to the ladies. I made these fun Bunco score sheets. Then I had to start decorating, and preparing the menu. Oops… I forgot to mention that the invitation mentioned an optional $20.00 gift exchange. ♡ First I set up my four tables. .. This table was in the parlor Then the music room. .. Next the pink room. …♡ and last the cabin area. ..aka… Kitchen♡ Time for the food. .. I needed to place … Continue reading

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Christmas time is here…♡

Hello,  Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you. Well my friend Christmas time is here. .. Yes. … Christmas time is here, and there has been lots of sparkle, With plenty of cheer.♡ Last night we attended our annual  neighborhood party. It was the best.  We have the most wonderful neighbors. .. And it is delightful to get together with all of them and celebrate the holidays.  At one of the homes we actually got carolers. .. How wonderful was that. ..♡ This is me posing at the top of the stairway. This is a magnificent estate built in 1930. I grabbed one of the caterers and asked if they would mind taking a photo. … The tree was  HUGE! and over the top gorgeous.  Our evening delightfully ended with a magical Carriage ride. ..klumpity, klumpity, klump…Christmas time is here. ..Santa’s On his way.  I’m joyously finished … Continue reading

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas. …♡

Hello,  welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you my friend.  Shall we have some tea? My sweet friend Pat gave me a box of Christmas Tea. .. and I think today is the perfect day to sample it. Well I have to admit I am looking forward to this evening. It’s our annual neighborhood Christmas party! Have I told you that I think we live on the most beautiful Street in the whole wide  world ((giggle,  giggle) I’m SO in love with it.  It is a bittersweet little street, because it is reminiscent of days long, long ago. The homes vary in style. .. from Cottage to Tuscan villas, and several were built before 1930. Our Cottage was built in 1920.  I’m sure you know me well enough by now, to know that I have an affinity for all things vintage. ♡ So this evening the neighbors … Continue reading

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Please celebrate me home. …♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage.  It’s so nice  to see you. I hope you are really enjoying this wonderful time of year. For me it’s a special opportunity to celebrate home, family, and friendships. ♡ A  few years ago I took a painting class from a very talented artist. Her name is Cindy Ellis. Cindy taught me how to paint roses.♡It was a wonderful day. The class was held in her home art studio. Of course we became friends, and a few days ago I attended her Christmas Open House. I would like to share her magical home. …Oh, and of course it’s a Cottage that ONLY speaks soul. ♡ This is in the back of Cindy’s magical Cottage. ..♡ Oh my…this is the front of our magical cottage. ..♡ This is me standing in front of her home. … My heart skipped a beat when I saw all the … Continue reading

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